GoLine 80W

Led Projector
  • High efficiency

  • Brightness

  • Low consumption


goline yellow

goline green

GoLine 80W

Projects a thick, permanent floor line that eliminates the need for 
maintenance required by floor tape and paint lines.
- Designed for Industrial Environments
- Wide power range
- Wide temperature range
- Maintenance free, no fans or motors
- Adjustable line length option

Color Of The Projected Line

Features Of Projection

Type Of Projection


Tech Specs

Power Supply

100-240/277VAC, 50/60Hz (Volt.Range: 90-305VAC, 48-63Hz; 127-431VDC)

Power Draw

80W, 0.7A/115V, 0.3/277V

Inrush Current

COLD START 75A (t width=570us at 50% I peak) at 230VAC per NEMA 410

Units per Breaker

20A Type C: 11 units, 16A Type C: 9 units

Power Cord

Length: 72” (1.8m), Plug: Nema 5-15 (cord is interchangeable) 

Control Input Signals

1-10V, 10-100KOhm, PWM, Dry Switch (for on/off or dimming)

Environmental Rating

Driver: IP67, Projector: IP65

Safety Standars

EC: EN IEC 60598-1:2021, N IEC 60598-2-1:2021, Driver: UL E334687


Meanwell HLG or MOSO

Temperature Range

-13°F to 113°F (-25°C to 45°C)

Lamp Type

80W LED, multiple colors

Rated Life

LED: 35,000h (L70*), Driver: 192,000h 
(*L70= the time to 30% brightness loss) 

Projection Colors

Yellow, Green, Red, Blue
(colors are pre-configured and not interchangeable)

Line Width

75 to 125mm depending on projection distance

Projection Lenses

53° (1:0.93 throw ratio) 73° (1:1.4 throw ratio) 90° (1:186 throw ratio) 

Typ.projection range

Bright Env. Average Env. Dim. Env.

Typ.Usable Line Length

8.5m 11m 18m

At typ. distance (dep. on lens)

4.6/6.3/9m 6/10/12m 9.7/13/19m

Line Length Adjustment

Yes, with optional blinders (the min.lenght is approx. 30% of full line lenght)

Product Warranty

 2 years from date of purchase


5.3 kg 


29.2×24.6×30 cm


Are The Projectors Produced By You?

Yes, the projectors and the gobos are produced by us and are 100% Made in Italy.

Do I Need To Have Specific Technical Skills To Be Able To Use Your Products?

No, the use is very simple: just follow the instructions given in the instruction manual.

What Is The Warranty On Projectors?

The projectors have a 2-year warranty.

Before Buying Your Products, How Can I Ask for Advice?

You can contact us by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and by phone at +39 035 017 6860.

What Data Do I Need To Share To Have A Study Of My Projection Project?

In order to carry out the study of a projection project, it will be necessary to provide us with the following information:

  • The distance between the projector attachment point and the projection surface.
  • A photo of the projection surface.
  • The size of the area to be covered by the projection.
  • The ambient light level.
  • The graphics, if any, to be projected.
Do You Also Take Care Of The Graphic Creation Of The Projection?

If necessary, it is possible, as an additional service, to include the creation of the projection graphics in the offer.

Do You Also Take Care of The Installation?

Not directly.  Nonetheless, our network of partners may be of assistance in this regard.

Do You Have Local Dealers?

Yes. We have an ever - expanding network of partners and distributors.

How Does A Gobo Projector Work?

The gobo-projectors are “light” projectors which, thanks to the insertion of a gobo inside them, generate the projection

How Do I Mount The Gobo On The Projector?

You will find mounting directions in your projector’s instruction manual.
We always ship a manual containing mounting instructions with our gobos.
To avoid damaging the gobo during use please follow the instructions below:

  • Mount the Black and White Gobos with the gray side facing the lens.
  • Mount the Color gobos with the black side facing the lens.


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