Goboservice Awarded "Gold" Certification by Warehouse Safety Solutions by Meon

projected markings

On November 30th, a pivotal moment unfolded at Goboservice’s headquarters in Italy, welcoming Warehouse Safety Solutions by Meon, our exclusive partner for projected safety markings. This significant visit, marking a profound milestone in our collaborative journey, saw the esteemed presence of Bert and Graham Spencer, Board members of Warehouse Safety Solutions, Luca De Franco and Mario Suraci, Directors of Goboservice by Sunland Optics, and Giuseppe Dedola, International Sales Director of the company.

Projected Markings: The Innovation That Increases Safety At Work

projected markings

Safety at work is a top priority in any professional environment. Proper safety signs are crucial in preventing accidents and providing clear guidance to workers. In recent years, the introduction of projected safety signs has led to significant improvements in effectiveness and visibility compared to traditional signage. Using advanced technologies such as LED projection, the projected signals are displayed directly on the surfaces of the work environments, making them immediately visible and easily understandable. This eliminates the need to search for and interpret signals on signs or adhesives subject, over time, to deterioration, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and accidents.

LogiMAT Messe: Goboservice's Latest In Workplace Safety Projection

LogiMAT Safety Signum
On 25-27 April, Goboservice participated with its partner "Forklift Safety Systems" in the LogiMAT -Messe at the Messe Stuttgart in Stuttgart, the largest international trade fair for intralogistics solutions.
The event was a unique opportunity to discover the latest innovations in intralogistics and to meet professionals from the sector: the trade fair was a must for all companies interested in improving the efficiency of their workplaces and optimising their daily operations.

New Frontiers In Corporate Projected Markings

projections of safety signs
Projected markings are an excellent solution for optimising work processes and preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace. 
Such devices are clearly visible and luminous, immediately catching operators' attention and offering the appropriate safeguards and protection, especially when handling goods and delicate product storage operations.


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